MyStompz for iPad

MyStompz iPad Screenshot - The main screen

MyStompz is available for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to recreate the layout of your effects pedals. You can then store your stompbox settings and never lose them again.

Forget about taking pictures that take forever to find once they are among hundreds of other pictures. Forget about taking notes on papers you eventually will lose. Forget about drawing marks on your stomp boxes. With MyStompz you can retrieve your stomp box settings in seconds!

This is the iPad version – initial screen.

On the top bar, 2 buttons on the left side: access to your list of pedals, and access to the Parameters menu.

By default an empty stompbox configuration window is shown, ready for you to play with: either try out all the possibilities or start creating your very stompbox right away!

The stompbox window is divided into 2 main areas:

  • on the upper half you will be able to place your pedal controls (knobs, switches etc.).
  • In the lower part reside icons to
    • act on your stompbox (lower row)
    • act on the selected control (upper section of the icons area).

By default an existing stompbox is locked to prevent any mishap, but this can be changed in the Parameters section.