MyStompz for iPad – Editing angles and scales

MyStompz iPad Screenshot - Editing knob angles

MyStompz is available for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to recreate the layout of your effects pedals, including start and end angles for each stompbox knob. You can then store your pedal settings and never lose them again.

Forget about taking pictures that take forever to find once they are among hundreds of other pictures. Forget about taking notes on papers you eventually will lose. Forget about drawing marks on your stomp boxes. With MyStompz you can retrieve your stomp box settings in seconds!

This is the iPad version – Editing knob angles and scales.

Several icons appear when you select a rotary or dual rotary knob that was added to the stompbox. They allow for editing the angles of the knob.

  • Tap the first icon on the 2nd row and using the slider you can set the starting point for the knob. This also sets the end point when in Symmetry mode.
  • Tap the 2nd icon and set the end point with the slider (works only when in Asymmetrical mode)
  • Tap the 3rd icon to toggle between Symmetry and Asymmetry modes. The drawing on the icon reflects the state the knob is in.
  • Tap the 4th icon to vary and using the slider you can set the desired number of scales for your knob.